Monday, February 14, 2011

And all I have is my work

These past few months have been full of work. Most importantly of all that work, is this 3D model right here:

And with that 3D information, a rapid prototyped figure was printed:

Maybe someday if I ever get the money I'll get that casted and maybe have some vinyls made. Until then, that 5" figure is on it's way to Toy Fair in New York. Ideology has a booth again this year :O


crithon said...

looks amazing. I especially love the bust with that smooth expression.

Lester DiLorenzo said...

this is AWESOME! I love the character design, and it makes an absolutely awesome figure!!

Obsessive Compulsive Cartoons said...

Really cool style,both with the 3D and 2D.Hope to see more soon!

-GFT- said...

Great art here :D

And thanks to follow my blog by the way ! I'll follow your's !

David said...

Nice prototype!